Why You Should Buy Australian Made Dog Accessories

After the devastating impact of the bush fires here in Australia and the ongoing fear of the covid-19 pandemic, it’s now more crucial than ever to support local businesses by buying Australian-made products.

Australian-made products are some the best you can buy in the world. From the high-quality standards to the passion local artisans put into their work, there are so many reasons why you should invest in businesses here at home.

Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons why you should buy Australian made and the benefits for you.


Supporting Local Businesses and Artisans

When you buy Australian products, your money is staying in your community and supporting the local economy. In turn, this helps support local jobs, industries and family-owned businesses that all rely on their loyal customers.

Next time you’re thinking about buying something on Amazon from another part of the world, think about searching for your local artisan makers and businesses first. If you’re unsure, ask if their products are Australian-made before purchasing.

If every Australian diverted just $40 a month from overseas purchases to Australian-made products, our economy would save $4 billion each year and 100,000 new jobs would be created.


Australian artisan making Bella Dog Collar for Molly Barker 

Quality Control

Australia has some incredibly high-quality standards. Companies here always strive to exceed customer expectations and create products that last for years.  

Many products that are bought overseas don’t meet the quality standards of Australian brands. So these cheap alternatives don’t last nearly as long and can even compromise the safety of those young them.

When you invest in Australian-made, you know you’re getting something that is made to last and you can take pride in the superior quality.


Less Environmental Impact

Importing cheaply made products from overseas has a significant carbon footprint. All those air miles and mass-produced cheap materials are damaging to the environment and only adding to the climate crisis.

Australian-made products are much less damaging to the environment. When you buy products made with locally sourced materials that are not mass-produced, you know you’ve done your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

For example, our range of grooming products are natural, organic and proudly made with ingredients native to Australia. Helping you reduce your environmental impact while giving your dog the best quality products.


Molly Barker Natural Australian Dog Shampoo and Dog Conditioner

Better Customer Service

There is nothing worse than spending hours trying to get in touch with a store you’ve bought something from, only to be met with terrible customer service.

When you support local and buy Australian-made from small businesses, you’ll get a better standard of customer service as customer care support staff are more accessible. Small Australian businesses cherish their customers and are extremely community focused. So we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’re happy with your purchase and service.


Molly Barker: Australia Made & Owned

All of the products here at Molly Barker are proudly Australian-made. We source our premium materials from the best suppliers and engage talented local artisans to make our products. We’re proud to create jobs locally and support our local economy.

Best of all, we take pride in giving our customers premium products that last. Our bespoke range of collars, leads, toys, beds and grooming products epitomise the contemporary, minimalistic style and give the added satisfaction of allowing you to support a local brand.

Now that you know why you should buy Australian-made, and how it can benefit you as well as local businesses, we’re sure you’ll enjoy making your purchases from within the community. Do get in touch with us if you’d like to share your comments or questions. Please visit our online boutique for designer dog accessories and products.


Founder Angela Infantino of Molly Barker talking about being Australian Made and Owner

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