Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home

Welcoming a new puppy into your home can be a little stressful, to say the least. Once you’ve done the fun stuff like picking out the perfect lead and collar, puppy proofing your home is the important next step. 

This simple checklist will help you make sure your house is puppy proof and safe for the day you bring home the newest addition to your family.  

  1. Know Your House Plants

Houseplants are a gorgeous addition to any room, but certain houseplants can cause serious problems to puppies. From mild skin irritation to serious digestive upset and organ failure, some plants are a no-go for pet-friendly homes. Check whether your houseplants are puppy safe here.


  1. Avoid Tall Furniture

Puppies are extremely clumsy and have fragile bones when they’re young, so keeping them off high furniture will prevent falls and bumps. Keep them off sofas and remove side tables and low shelving they can easily climb on. 

A great way to keep your new puppy safe without compromising the design of your living space is adding a stylish dog bed for them to relax on. Having a slightly raised is much better for their joints than a standard dog bed and the stylish design will fit in beautifully with your décor. 



  1. Lock Up Your Medications

Human medications are the most common reason for dogs becoming poisoned each year. When puppy proofing your home, make sure all medications are locked away and out of reach of your new furry friend. 

Puppies are mischievous little things, if they can reach a drawer or storage basket, they’re likely to get in it. So it’s best to keep your meds in high cabinets. Better safe than sorry!

  1. Get a Puppy Proof Garbage Bin

Puppies love digging through garbage and you’d be surprised how easily they can get into the bins for a rummage. Bathroom bins are especially dangerous since they can have razor blades, shampoo bottles, and other nasties you don’t want your new puppy finding.  Not to mention the food found in the kitchen bin can be toxic to dogs. 

Swap out any open bins or swing-lid bins with sturdy, peddle bins to make it harder for your new puppy to go dumpster diving when you’re not home. 

  1. Tidy Away Cords and Wires

Electrical wires look like fun toys to new puppies. They love to chew on headphone wires, get tangled in TV wires, and make the fuses trip by pulling over lamps. If you have any exposed cables or wires in your home, invest in cable wrap or cord concealers to keep them out of sight. 

Another easy way to keep your puppy from chewing things they shouldn’t be is to give them their own fun, designer dog toys to keep them entertained for hours.


  1. Declutter

Puppy proofing your home is a great opportunity to declutter and simplify your home. Items on coffee tables, low cabinets, and the floor are all fair game to your new puppy. Just like a child, they're curious and everything goes straight into their mouth. So take some time to move items out of reach to avoid things being knocked over, broken, or chewed while your new fur baby is still in training. This will keep your puppy safe and save your home from destruction.


Do you have any more tips on puppy-proofing your home? Do tell us. We’d love to know! You can also visit our online boutique for designer dog accessories and products for your pup – a special addition to your family.

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