Tips for Creating A Stylish Dog Friendly Home

We all adore our pets and want them to have the most relaxing, fun-filled lives while they’re with us. The problem is, our homes tend to get a little over-run by our furry friends and it can seem impossible to maintain a stylish home that is also dog friendly. 

This post will give you some easy tips that will help you create a home that is a chic sanctuary for you and your dog.


Give Them Their Own Stylish Space

You want your dog to feel relaxed and happy in your home, so give them a dedicated space. Choose a dog bed that not only provides comfort but will also coordinate with your surrounding decor.

Be sure to select durable fabrics such as leather, wool blends, denim and coated cotton so they're easy to clean and won’t be destroyed by your furry friend. Our Sasha Dog Bed Cover is handmade with soft leather in three natural colour pallets. It is also removable so you can change the cover as your decor does without having to buy a whole new dog bed. Complimented with a matt black frame, our Sasha Dog Bed makes for the perfect statement piece in your home while also being durable and comfortable for your dog.


dog bed


Stay Organised With Extra Storage

Dogs come with a lot of accessories. They need a lead and collar, brush, toys, food, treats, shampoo and conditioner – the list goes on. To keep your home beautiful and clutter-free, invest in some extra storage to give everything a home. 

Hooks in the entryway is a great space to hang up leads and collars. Whereas gorgeous storage boxes and baskets are the perfect space-saver for all those other accessories you don’t want out on display. 


stylish storage

Photo by @farmousechic4sure


Keep Your Furniture Fur Free

Many people use slipcovers on their sofas to protect them from stray hair, but these aren’t always the most chic solution when it comes to making your home pet friendly. 

Chunky knit blankets, sheep skins, and gorgeous throws are an easy way to add a pop of colour or pattern to a room, while simultaneously guarding your furniture from pet hair.

They can be draped across sofas to easily keep them safe from paws, claws and stray fur. The best part is they can easily be removed, shaken out and washed to keep your rooms looking fresh and clean. 

By keeping multiple throws on hand, you can also switch them out when company arrives. So you won’t have to worry about stray hairs clinging to your guests. 


sheep skin rug


Look for Modern Pet Accessories

Never again will you have to compromise the style of your home to keep it pet friendly. Gone are the days of clunky dog beds, ugly dog toys and boring leads and collars. Now, it’s easy to get stylish accessories that incorporate beautifully into your home décor.  

A coordinated colour pallet is crucial when it comes to an elegant interior design. Our range of accessories, beds and toys come in stunning neutral tones to blend in effortlessly with your home, allowing you to create a pet friendly space without compromising on style. You can see our full range of dog accessories here. 

We hope our tips for creating a stylish, dog-friendly home help make your spaces warm and welcoming for you and your fur baby. We’d love to hear about what you’ve done with your interiors to make it both dog-friendly and stylish! You can browse through our online boutique for some inspiration.

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