5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Natural Dog Grooming Products

We all know the old saying 'you are what you eat'. But did you know the same goes for what you use on your dogs body? Just like food, products you apply to their skin and hair is absorbed and therefore can have an effect on their physical and mental health.

Here are some of the reasons why we developed our natural range of grooming products, and the benefits you can expect when switching to natural.

1. Synthetic ingredients can damage your dogs skin and fur, trigger adverse reactions, and provoke allergies.

This is due to the use of various additives and in some cases pesticides. Natural and organic ingredients, on the other hand, will not only nourish your dogs skin and fur, but they can also sooth and heal conditions such as dandruff and dermatitis. Furthermore, your dog is less likely to experience allergic reactions to natural products, so you can feel at ease when applying them to your best friend.

2. Your dog can ingest harmful chemicals

Just like children, dogs swallow, chew and lick just about anything, including potential harmful chemicals. Opting for natural products will ensure your dogs health and safety.

3. Most natural products are not tested on animals

As dog lovers we can all agree this is an important and necessary attribute to purchasing any cosmetic product.

4. Natural products are often made by local boutique stores

Synthetic products, on the other hand, are made by large chemical plants. By supporting natural products, you are supporting Australian small businesses just like Molly Barker.

5. Natural products are good for the environment 

Chemicals eventually make their way back into our water supply, our air and our soil, thus damaging our planet and wildlife. Our dogs interact daily with the planet, and when the environment is chemical-laden, expect your dog to ingest chemicals too. This can affect not just their physical health, but their mental well-being also. Natural products do not have these nasty environmental side effects.

Good health doesn’t stop at what you feed your dog or bathe them in. Have you thought about what they’re sleeping on? Just like our own beds, mattresses can harbour germs. Whilst some dog beds allow you to wash the bed cover, it’s unlikely you can clean the bacteria that lurks within the fibres of the bed insert. 

This is something we thought about when designing our Sasha collection of dog beds. Not only are they super stylish, the covers are made from durable leather that can easily be vacuumed or wiped down.

In addition to the ease of cleaning, allergy sufferers love our beds because they don’t harbour dust mites, pet dander, or bacteria from dirty coats. This also makes for a more hygienic option for children who love to lay next to their furry family member.

So next time you need to buy new products for your dog, take a moment to consider if it’s a healthy choice for the whole family.

At Molly Barker, we care for you and your fur baby. Get in touch to learn more about our natural dog grooming products. You can also visit our online boutique for our carefully formulated products and designer dog accessories. 

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