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Being a dog accessories and lifestyle label, we love collaborating with individuals and businesses who share our passion for style and dogs. But when you combine amazing talent with a quirky sense of humour, you'll see why we're so obsessed with the trio from Haus Of Cruze. 

Az, the Director of Haus of Cruze (a boutique creative design studio), his husband Jamie, and their Cavoodle Bella (who has her own instagram account - Haus of Bella) talk to us about all things style, Bella, and keeping it real.

MB: Tell us a bit about Haus of Cruze and what’s your inspiration behind this fantastic platform?

A: The Haus of Cruze is somewhat of an amalgamation of both Jamie and my own creative talents. The name derives from Jamie's surname = "Haus" and part of mine being "Cruze". It's symbolic of our partnership, both business and personal. We are a boutique creative design studio providing services such as Interior Photography, Design & Decorating to Digital Still and Video Content Creation for Social Media Marketing and everything in-between. 

MB: What were you doing before Haus of Cruze took off?

A: The Haus of Cruze sure keeps us both incredibly busy as we still hold down full-time jobs in the corporate arenas. I work as a Resource Planning Analyst for a corporate superannuation and insurance firm and Jamie manages a team in credit management for a utilities firm. 

MB: You obviously get a lot of requests to do collaborations. How do you choose which brands to work with?

A: We're so lucky and blessed to have been able to work alongside and with some amazing local Australian businesses and brands. We love partnering with local Aussie businesses which helps inject back into our economy. We have some serious talent in our own backyard so we love to endorse these businesses and artisans where we can. We also keep our partnerships as organic as possible - brands that reflect who we are and the ideals we value are a no brainer for us. 

MB: What’s your favourite project you’re working on right now?

A: We have a few amazing projects in the pipeline at the moment for 2019 (but they're super secret so you'll just have to follow our journey on the socials to find out). 

MB: How would you describe Bella’s personality?

Az In one word - loving. Bella has the most loving temperament and you totally feel it when she looks into your eyes. She is a great hugger too. She'll literally put put her paws around your neck and nuzzle in for a cuddle when we get home from work everyday. 

MB: What is your favourite activity to do with Bella?

A: Bella loves her walks and she's always keen to meet new humans (she's not as excited to meet new fur friends as she is her fellow two legged humans). Apart from daily walks, couch time in front of the telley watching David Attenborough documentaries comes close!

MB: If you go on a holiday and can’t take Bella with you, who’s the lucky person who gets to look after her while you’re away?

A: To be honest, it's an all out brawl amongst our close friends and family for who gets dibs on looking after her when Jamie and I vacay. We never have a shortage for budding babysitters!  

MB: What’s her first reaction when she sees you have returned home?

A: Bella twerks and can put Nicki Minaj to shame on the twerk front. She gets so super excited her whole butt shakes from side to side and she looks like she's auditioning for a hip/hop video clip.  

MB: What’s your favourite thing about being a Dog Dad?

A: The best thing is knowing that Bella has so much love for Jamie and I and doesn't even need to speak English for us to understand that. 

If you love interior styling or need help with your own project, contact Az for a consultation by visiting the website https://www.hausofcruze.com.au. You can also follow their projects and everyday life @hausofcruze.

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