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People often ask me where we draw inspiration for new collections and products, and they’re always surprised to hear that architecture often influences our designs. In fact, the conception of Molly Barker came from a frustration of not being able to find a dog bed to complement the style and décor of my home.

There’s something about the textures and shapes of a beautiful space that draws me to combine two of my favourite things, dogs and stunning architecture. In this article I share five of my favourite homes, and the people and dogs behind them.


The Forest Modern

On a picturesque 5 acre property in Colorado is where you’ll find Shauna Beltramo, an Interior Stylist and Blogger who shares her stunning custom home that took 3 years to complete. Just a few minutes of scrolling through the interiors of The Forest Modern, you can’t help but get drawn into the textures and details in every room. This home seamlessly blends elements of traditionalism, ultra modern, urban industrial, and even vintage. One look at this home and you’ll understand why it was one of my inspirations behind our popular Sasha Dog Bed

Shauna’s instagram page take you on a tour of her immaculate home with the help of her Australian Labradoodle Kodak. She also shares references to products, furniture and decor items she has used to create her style.



Casa Campana

Having recently finished building her dream home Casa Campana, in the Hinterland of Northern NSW, Sophie Bell shares luxe living with her family and pooches Stella the 8 year old Sausage Dog and Duke the 7 year old Dalmatian.

This light filled Mediterranean inspired home instantly evokes a sense of calm and transports you to a topical oasis. Both internal and external spaces have been carefully curated with designer furniture and stylish pieces allowing it to be hired for photoshoots.



Rosedale Farm

Set on an enchanting organic sustainable farm in Orange Australia, you’ll find a truely elegant residence named Rosedale Farm. 

Owner Steve Cordony is a Sydney based Interior and Event Stylist, and the Style Director of Belle Magazine. Steve shares styling tips and products he’s used in his renovated Georgian homestead. Every room in this home has a sense of timelessness and sophistication. Even the functional Mud Room seamlessly connects the interiors of the rest of the home.

This stunning property is enhanced further by the charming gardens and animals including his two gorgeous dogs, white peacocks, geese, cows, horses, and the most adorable lambs you’ll ever see.



Bethany James Said

If your mission in life is to “create beautiful in all aspects of life" then you need to follow Bethany James Said, founder of James Said - an exclusive online destination to discover and shop luxurious high end furnishings. 

Bethany’s style focuses on Hollywood Regency with bold colours, luxurious textures, and her gorgeous dog Jessie taking centre stage. This is a home where everything has a place and this place is truely stunning! So it’s no wonder that only the most beautiful designer dog accessories and dog toys make their way to Jessie.



Resident Dog 

If you’re as obsessed as we are about dogs and beautiful homes, then you’re going to lose your mind over Resident Dog. But don't expect a property, Resident Dog is a curated series of divine coffee table books that captures stunning images of architecturally designed homes and the personalities of the dogs who live there. 

From mid-century raw brick to penthouse apartments, Nicole’s Englands work has graced the glossy pages of magazines worldwide, and she has just released volume two of Resident Dog. You can order your copy here or visit her instagram account to be inspired by these stunning dog friendly residences.


Just like timeless architecture, we want our dog accessories to have a sense of sophistication so they integrate seamlessly into a luxurious lifestyle while ageing gracefully. You can view our selection of stylish dog toys, luxurious dog beds, and chic dog accessories here.

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