The Rise Of The Fur Baby - Say Hello to Generation F

Did you know that nearly half of pet owners let their dogs sleep on the bed with them now? No, it doesn’t come as too much of a shock to us either. If you have a doggie companion that you simply adore, you’re certainly not alone!

Thanks to Gen Y and their adoration of their fluffy friends, the largest pet owning generation is now being dubbed Generation F. A huge rise in dog owners has meant a vast lift in furry BFF related sales. In fact, a report by The Animal Medicines Australia and cited by The Telegraph, found that pet parents are spending a whopping $12.2 billion on pet products and services now, a 42% increase since 2013!

This is all down to the fact that pets are now our family, rather than a detached member of the group. 65% of dog owners completely consider them a full-fledged member of the family and social media users post on average 6 times per week just about their dogs! You know who you are. This means better quality products for them, and a higher spend on services, such as doggie day care. Dog owners simply now care more about the items they’re purchasing for their beloved pets, wanting them to have the best of the best.

With the term “fur baby” now an official word in the Oxford Dictionary, this trend is no joke. Millennials are now becoming such fans of having pets, it’s taking over from their desire to have children. Reported data, cited by Odyssey, shows that couples aged 15-29 are now actively choosing dogs over having a baby, putting a human child to the back of their minds and cherishing their teacup Chihuahuas instead.

Cost is cited as a big reason. When you look at the figures, it costs on average $245,340 to raise a child and only $3239 to raise a dog. However, it really seems the reason lies much more behind lifestyle, as peoples spending on their dog products and accessories continues to increase. As pet owners treat their dogs more like their children, they want them to have the best quality and most attractive products and accessories possible for all those cleverly curated Instagram pics!

Owners know that their dogs will love them unconditionally for their entire lives, giving them the same emotional attachment that can be gained from having children. Many owners in the Millennial group also see their dogs as “practice” for when they one day may have a human baby.

Whether it’s cost related or simply down to the nations obsession with their adored fur babies, the trend is continuing to rise and our furry best friends will continue to fully integrate into our families and be treated, in every means, just like a real baby.

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