Dogs Are A Girls Best Friend

They say diamonds are a girls best friend. While that may have been the case once, it seems dogs have sniffed out those diamonds, buried them and repositioned themselves as our most adored companion and fashion accessory. 

Let’s face it, if our partner so much as scuffed our favourite pair of designer heels, he’d be out the door quicker than he could say Jimmy Choo. However our fur baby can chew on our designer wares, poop on the $1000 rug, but the moment we look into those big remorseful puppy eyes, all colourful language and anger quickly disappears. Frodo Baggins’ magical ring is merely a prop compared to the power of a dogs gaze. And marketing executives are cashing in on it!

Fashion power houses such as Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and Longchamp just to name a few, have harnessed the influence of beautiful canines to create stand out campaigns. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, the aim is to connect and inspire. The message is that you can have it all - the beautiful family, lifestyle and now the perfect canine companion. 

But why not a cat or other animal? For the same reason we choose dogs as pets. They are loyal, trusting, friendly, and provide an enduring relationship all while being down right gorgeous! So without any thought, the consumer naturally implies these values toward the luxury product and brand. Clever!

Baby Dior (part of the Dior empire) showcases the bond between child and canine in the most stylish sense. While the likes of Ralph Lauren rarely misses an opportunity to feature a dog model.   But some of our favourite campaigns would have to be Mulberry's Spring Summer 2014 campaign staring Cara Delevigne, and Harper’s Bazzar’s tea party with Reece Witherspoon. 

Featuring a dog in a fashion shoot is one thing, but why stop there? You have to love the enthusiasm of Karen Walker who made a dog called Toast the hero of their Eyewear collection. 

Whether we get to have it all, or just aspire to, it seems that as long as campaigns feature dog models that steel our hearts, we are more than happy to allow them to steel our wallets too. 

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